ahk_L for 64 bit windows

downloads  [ 64.zip * ]  [ 64.exe + 64.ahk * ]   [ latest AHK_L build  ]

surprise: AutoHotKey  + AutoHotKey_L works too on 64bit win.  I tested it on win7.

The developer speaks from a increased performance by using the 64bit ahk build  (  Xp Vista W7 )

Use an download from the header line or download the exe and rename it simular to your .ahk file.  ( →  1-.exe,  s.exe  or s-.exe )

If you intent to create your own scripts compare the downloaded .exe with the newest build → autohotkey.net/~Lexikos/AutoHotkey_L

* 64.ahk is the renamed 1.ahk  -_- 64.exe is the latest AHK_L.exe for 64bit os


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