keySstroke shortcuts

if your keyboard supports the keySstroke technique, use the way shown in the ↓graphic↓ or ↓↓video ↓↓
highlight F6 hit your desired key combination seperate i.e. 12 to "1 & 2″ [OK]

  How to test your keyboard  →hit from different positions [M|;]  ok →m,m,m,m,m,m,m,m,

if your typed string is different from m,m,m,.......
set up 2 shortcuts for the same action(s)  i.e. 1 & 2 + 2 & 1
to do this in the fastest way  →set up 1 & 2 →click the H tray icon →copy the 3rd last line into the empty line above and change the numbers/leters/characters   ↓
~2 & 1::

~1 & 2::

another solution is to hit the keys a little more controlled, means, the 1 key a little earlier than 2

advanced keySstroke setup i.e.  [1|2][1|2]__[T|Y] from ! @SeX#.﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿. on Vimeo.

3 targets + one after another key shortcuts via the advanced GUI

requiered UNIQUE strings ≥ 2 char -_- use speciaal char. prefixes or sufixes or substitute letters with numbers A→4 I→1 E →3

the advantage from the "one after another key" shortcuts

there is no additional output from the 1st pushed key, because all typed stuff will disappear.

by triggering actions with 2 keys together you will get the 1st character, if the cursor is placed in input fields.
But you can prevent this by clicking outside the input field.


desktop shortcut + tray icon features

1i.exei.exe/si.exe : :the inno-setup creates too a shortcut on the desktop.

in w7, w8 + w10 the preference "show icon and notifications" is requiered to get a permanent icon in the system tray.

Without the above preference the icon is hidden in the tray  menu.

To change icon settings:    show  hide via .reg file
ALL Click on the arrow in the notification area on the taskbar, and click on "Customize"
Underneath the box with all icons there is a checkbox

Only the H icon: Click/tap on the Behaviors drop down arrow menu to the right of the icon select show icon and notification

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