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advantage from the 2 or more additional clipboards
• you can define hotkeys instead of the key combinations ( f1-f24  numpadX multimedia keys ins capslock +.. )
→ change i.e. ~lALT & F1:: to f1::

HINT:the cb1 and cb2 (+ cbX ) content is saved until you reload the whole script, in the best case, until the end of your pc session. Adding shortcuts via the gui will empty this clipboards.*

If you intent to use the 2 additional clipboards together with the
Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V clipboard, it's important that you use it in the following order
[ALT]+[F1] ↔ [ALT]+[F2] → [ctrl]+[C] → [ctrl]+[V] than you can paste with ALT + 2 or 1
The reason for the above order: 
ALT + 1 /  ALT + 2 overwrides the ctrl+c clipboard

If you have problems with the proper order, use only the 2 additional clipboards
or add another clipboard ↓

If you prefere an advanced clipboard utility, my recommendation (portable) Ditto also an ahk tool

lALT & F1::
send ^c

Clip1 := ClipBoardAll

lALT & 1::
ClipBoard := Clip1
send ^v

lALT & F2::
Send ^c
Clip2 := ClipBoardAll

lALT & 2::
ClipBoard := Clip2
Send ^v

lALT & F3::
send ^c
Clip3 := ClipBoardAll

lALT & 3::
ClipBoard := Clip3
Send ^v

Note: instead of the long syntax lALT & 1::  you can use  !1:: ( but not !F1:: )


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[ installers i.exe ] [ +.exe ¹]  [ +cv64.exe ¹] -_- [ = 1.exe ¹ + 1.ahk ] [ uninstall ] .

•  you can assign up to 3 url's/pathes to the ~25 hotkeys, ~11k 2key shortcuts (incl ~130 KEYSstrokes) + the ∞ hotstrings
• the second tab allows to assign multiline T€XT to hotstrings/abbreviations
• you can combine all keyboard  + mouse keys  e.g.   lbutton & rbutton 
• advanced: set up macros @ the end of the "highlight and hit F6.ahk" file
• the app doesn't cause registry changes, so you can use it too on portable devices
move the 2 desktop files and change the target in the "highlight and hit F6.exe.lnk" file  e.g. to X:\highlight....
• you can add more functions to the .ahk file  → o#ptions  →
• unicode + idn support
• deactivation: search (WIN + F) for " highlight and hit F6.exe.lnk " and delete the file
• you can open the installers with winrar or open source 7zip

the steps to the GUI↓ ¹→highlight  an url,  path, file, folder, command or multiline text ²→hit the F6 key image by

[F|G] keySstroke double setup to Facebook,- instagram,- +

copying: ALT + F1 F2 F3 Ctrl + C   pasting: Ctrl + V  ALT +1 +2 +3  check clipboardS  

on a few keyboards e.g. K120 hp625↓ you can use instead of the double setup an advanced keySstroke setup → default tab 1 & 2 or 2 & 1 [ok]

the app code you can  view in your browser  +.ahk   +cv.ahk

another way with only the downloaded .exe ▼

►the APP code ◄ ▼

appended: 2 additional fuctions ▼

CREDITS to Lexikos  + Chris Mallet = founder of the
You can view his " only TEXT " coding with more ;comments as hotstring helper

Lexikos brought the unicode support to ahk and he is the head of AutoHotKey in the moment
¹ virustotal scan

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