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advantage from the 2 or more additional clipboards
• you can define hotkeys instead of the key combinations ( f1-f24  numpadX multimedia keys ins capslock +.. )
→ change i.e. ~lALT & F1:: to f1::

HINT:the content is saved until you reload the whole script, in the best case until the end of your pc session. Adding shortcuts will empty this clipboards.*

If you intent to use the 2 additional clipboards together with the
Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V clipboard, it's important that you use it in the following order
[ALT]+[F1] ↔ [ALT]+[F2] → [ctrl]+[C] → [ctrl]+[V] → [ALT]+[1] ↔ [ALT]+[2]

If you have problems with the proper order, use only the 2 additional clipboards
or add another clipboard ↓

If you prefere an advanced clipboard utility, my recommendation (portable) Ditto also an ahk tool

~lALT & F1::
send ^c

Clip1 := ClipBoardAll

~lALT& 1::
ClipBoard := Clip1
send ^v

~lALT & F2::
Send ^c
Clip2 := ClipBoardAll

~lALT & 2::
ClipBoard := Clip2
Send ^v

~lALT & F3::
send ^c
Clip3 := ClipBoardAll

~lALT & 3::
ClipBoard := Clip3
Send ^v


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[ installer 1i.exe ] [ = 1.exe + 1.ahk ] [ free s.w. license ] [64 bit] [ uninstall ]

• via the gui's you can assign easily 3 url's/pathes , one "send T€XT"  or "send username{tab}password" command to a shortcut.
• after a click on the H tray icon you can combine command lines =macro  and you can extend the app with code snippetstip
• Amount shortcuts ►~25 hotkeys  [ins] [F7]   ►~150 keySstroke shortcuts i.e. [1|2] [D─E]  ►in total ~10k 2key shortcuts ►an unlimited # "one after another key shortcuts" i.e. DE[
• to set  up a shortcut takes ~ 3 sec -_-  →highlight  →F6 →change x to "."  [OK]
than  simply hit a key or in the above example "." and "y" together
• based on 2 open source files, which you can use too on an usb device as a portable application
• you can use the app  without any registry changes
• unicode + idn support because based on the Autohotkey_L forge
the hidden case ▼

the steps to the dialog ↓ box →highlight  an url,  path, file, folder or multiline text →hit F6

 1.gif image by s#mall versions preview/s

You can use ~ 25 "special" keys in the second field ( ins, up, Fx, NUMPADx +.. → ) and you can combine all ~107 keyboard + mouse keys

the app code you can  preview in browser windows 1.ahk

The initial downloads
download 1st 1.ahk to  the "Documents" folder and 1.exe to i.e. the desktop.
Click the 1.exe  OPTION drag for the permanent usage a shortcut from the 1.exe over [START] [ALL Programs] into the [Startup] folder.

easier: •download  and click the 2.exe • click the [install] button
the result: 2 extracted  files in the documents folder and 2 shortcuts (Desktop + startup)

In both succeeded cases and in the following portable case you will get an H tray icon.

On your friends pc or on public pc´s
•download the 1.exe + the  1.ahk file to a usb or local directory  of your choice
→ drag the .ahk file onto the .exe
( If you are using your stick on a pc where an Autohotkey version is installed , you must click only the 1.ahk file )

another way with only the downloaded .exe ▼

►the APP code ◄ ▼

appended: 2 additional fuctions ▼

CREDITS to Lexikos +  Chris Mallet = founder of the
You can view his " only TEXT " coding with more ;comments as hotstring helper

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