the default macro  rctrl::send {#}{enter}
allows to shorten urls with 3 steps less
¹set the cursor to the end of the desired url  ² hit [rCTRL]

one of the easiest macros → login macro
→highlight an username
→change x & y  or use the 1st shortcut field  field from the /1#gui
→ username{tab}password{ENTER}


the easiest way to macros
Download and install the latest Autohotkey package →
In the program folder there is a subfolder Autoscriptwriter. click the exe.
This program saves the recorded stuff in a clickable .ahk file who repeats the recorded actions.

Improved code for the macro in the demo
~lwin & lalt::
run notepad
winactivate Notepad -- Untitled  ; instead of sleep 100
send line1* `r line2*`r
sleep 4000 ; = 4sec
send line3* ; will paste the text "line3*"

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