MINImize/MAXIm. windows

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with the the 2 numpad keys you can minimize and maximize the active window
NumpadSub::WinMinimize A

NumpadAdd::WinMaximize A

WInmaximize doesn't restore a previously minimized window

The 2 lines are the 30th + 31th last text lines if you intent to remove them

It doesn't depends on the numlock states on or off

Numlock ON                                                  Numlock OFF

NumpadDot (.) NumpadDel
NumpadDiv (/) NumpadDiv (/)
NumpadMult (*) NumpadMult (*)
NumpadAdd (+) NumpadAdd (+)
NumpadSub (-) NumpadSub (-)
NumpadEnter NumpadEnter
Numpad0 NumpadIns
Numpad1 NumpadEnd
Numpad2 NumpadDown
Numpad3 NumpadPgDn
Numpad4 NumpadLeft
Numpad5 NumpadClear
Numpad6 NumpadRight
Numpad7 NumpadHome
Numpad8 NumpadUp
Numpad9 NumpadPgUp
NumpadDot (.) NumpadDel

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