more than 3 aims

the advanced gui /1 allows to set up 3 aims.

after clicking the tray icon you can
•edit/delete shortcuts
•add more shortcuts to an aim " ~rALT & x  *
•add more aims to an shortcut " run http://↓.tk  *  **

* in a new line  shortcut line after shortcut line;  run/send line(s) after  run/send line(s)
** i tested  ~7 aims, and in a different .ahk file  27 url's.
If you save the URLs  in a different .ahk file, you can trigger the run commands by clicking the file, if there is no shortcut line @ the beginning of the file
run http://url_1
run  http://url_2 
 run http://url_X
; doesn't requiere return @ the end of script files.

by clicking an .ahk file the 1st time the "open with" dialog box will appear.

→ 1.exe or s.exe   → TICK always open this kind of files with this program

instead off creating an .ahk file you can create an .bat file


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