retrieve pathes

instead of clicking through (sub) folders, you can copy the path
i.e.   X:\y\z   or  X:\y\ in the (1st) url field.

I'm thinking about to redesign the GUIs with the aim to get an highlighted path.

As a quick modification for the advanced GUI
Gui, Add, Edit, x294 y8 w55 h20 voaa, → Gui, Add, Edit, x294 y8 w55 h20 voaa,%copied%
Instead an empty 1st input field, the input field will show the highlighted path.
I use this solution too.

To retrieve pathes via a key combinations
the shortcut must start with a modifier key.
keySstroke~Rctrl & left::    ~ctrl & shift::

#x::  ; or  ~Lwin & x::
   highlightedPATH := GetSelectedPath()
   Clipboard := highlightedPATH  

   FileName =
   AlterClipboardcontent := ClipboardAll
   Clipboard =
   Send ^c                              
   ClipWait, 1                         
   If (FileExist(ClipBoard))            
     FileName := ClipBoard             
   ClipBoard := AlterClipboardcontent    
   Return FileName