! small versions /s and /s-

[ s.exe ] [ s.ahk ]  [ installer si.exe ]  [ main code 3 url/path fields + ]

s.ahk is a smaller version from short-CUTr.tk with only 2 input fields (  removed )

you can define ~ 107² 1 + 2 key shortcuts after the initial highlight + F6 steps


s-.ahk  the smarter version ▼

additional shortcuts
browser_back + forward, mini + maximize , capslock to @, insert # + ENTER ,

how to use the app without the installer

1) download s.ahk to the “Documents” folder
2) download s.exe to i.e. the desktop and click the exe
permanent usage drag a shortcut from the exe over [START] [ALL Programs] into the [Startup] folder.

The script functions
•copies highlighted  strings into the second field
•compares the shortcut string with the existing strings
messages →change x & y →choose a different shortcut

more technique details:
•adds run to url + path + calto:// strings
•adds send to (multiline) text
•sets up the linebrakes `r
•replaces :/ / with :\ \
•changes in text strings : and # to {:} {#}
•restores the clipboard

the difference to the main coding 1.ahk
4 gui lines
6 lines for the "run" fields 2 + 3

+ the key names @ the beginning of the script
accessible via a click on the underlined single key link
( The help section  with the key names doesn´t requiers computer resources)

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