Key names

[ → Tasten]  [ → h#elp ] [ keys @ autohotkey ]

Modifier keys:  lctrl (^)  lalt (!) lwin (#)  lshift (+)  rctrl  ralt  rshift
simplified 2 + 3 key  combinations: " ~^x:: "   instead of "~ctrl & x::"    ^+x

MOUSE:  Lbutton mbutton rbutton xbutton1 xbutton2 (1= left or back  2= right or forward)

Funktion keys: F1 -- F24  appskey

NUMPAD0 -9 -dot -enter* -sub* -add* -mult* -div* 
*depending on the default numlock OFF state

space up bs(+backspace)  esc(+escape)  ins(+insert) del(+delete) enter(+return) tab End Home  ScrollLock CapsLock NumLock
lctrl lwin lalt lshift rwin ralt rctrl rshift PgUp PgDn Down Left Right UP

PrintScreen CtrlBreak Pause
Break -Since this is synonymous with Pause, use ^CtrlBreak in hotkeys instead of ^Pause or ^Break.

Browser_Back b._Forward .._Refresh .._Stop .._Search .._Favorites .._home
Volume_Mute Volume_Down Volume_Up
Media_Next Media_Prev Media_Stop Media_Play_Pause
Launch_Mail Launch_Media Launch_App1 Launch_App2

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