keySstroke shortcuts

if your keyboard supports the keySstroke technique, use the way shown in the ↓↓video  advanced setup only 1 line code↓↓
highlight F6 hit your desired key combination modify i.e. 67 to "6 & 7″ [OK]

  How to test your keyboard  →hit from different positions [X|ENTER]  →you should get a column X without blank lines      [X] = the key left to the ENTER key

if your typed column contains blank lines
set up 2 shortcuts for the same action(s)  i.e. 6 & 7 + 7 & 6 advanced keySstroke setup i.e.  [6|7]

the app will add the following code to the end of the .ahk file
~6 & 7::
~7 & 6::run

ALTERNATIVE: if blank lines:
•set up i.e. 6 & 7 in the 1st tab
•press the keys a little more controlled, means, the 6 key a little earlier than 7[1|2]__[T|Y] from ! @SeX#.﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿. on Vimeo.

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