backup via a batch file

downloads [c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q.bat ] -_- [restart/shut down pc´s ]

you can backup the shortcutter.ahk file including your shortcuts to partitions/usb drives with the above downloads.

or modify? + save the following code in the editor as x.bat

@echo off
XCOPY "%userprofile%\Desktop\shortcutter.ahk" "c:\"  /S /E

to backup the shortcutter.ahk file from an usb  stick,   modify the code  and


@echo off
XCOPY "d:\shortcutter.ahk" "%userprofile%\Desktop"  /S /E

The r + s.bat downloads

you can shut down / restart your pc

SHUTDOWN -r -t 01 +   SHUTDOWN -s -t 01

you can change the last parameter "time" ( in sec) to a different value.

the best placement for the files. Additional always on top toolbars on widescreens

( right  margin )

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