collect text or pathes in a file

[collect.exe = uneditable compiled script *]   { [collect.ahk ]  [1.exe] } [ online virus check ]

you can collect highlighted text in a text file  i.e. @ collected.txt on the desktop.
If you highlight files or folders, you will get a list with the pathes, every path in a new line.

I use this function to add notes to my script file, sometimes up to 100 lines, until i remove them to a different file

f2:: ; trigger F2
clipboard= ;empties the clipboard
Send ^c  ;sends ctrl + c
FileAppend , `n; %clipboard%, %A_ScriptFullPath% ; important is the semicolon after new line `n

*collect in the desktop file collect.txt   via the downloadable files  
~lalt & c::
;shortcut ALT + C
clipboard= ;empties the clipboard
send ^c ; sends copy
FileAppend , `n%clipboard%, %userprofile%\desktop\collected.txt ;`n =new line

* the wayS to activate the collect.ahk  script
→dragNdrop collected.ahk onto 1.exe
→click collected.ahk + select in the "open with" dialog box 1.exe
or if you want to learn more about ahk scripts
→click 1.exe and replace the sample code →save  →click again the exe

in a line before return will reload the script
1) you will see in in the system tray the success of the collect thread →disappearing/appearing tray icon
2) you can reload the script with the copy hotkey or shortcut, but it requiers that you highlight at least a whitespace.
Disadvantage : a useless line "; ..."  added to the file

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