signature with date

[+cv-mfg+.ahk ] [ 64bit installer/archive +cv-mfg+.exe ¹ ]  [ 32bit  +cv-mfg+.exe ¹ ]

with the following code lines you can trigger with the hotstring "mfg+" a signature with the date

FormatTime, TimeString,, d. MMMM yyyy
send Berlin, den  %TimeString% `n`nMit freundlichen Grüßen `n`nRainer Brendel

outputs in 5 lines

¹Berlin, den  7. Mai 2015  ³Mit freundlichen Grüßen   ⁵Rainer Brendel

without the parameters after "FormatTime, TimeString,, " you will get on an english os

10:38 PM Thursday, May 07, 2015
or download the AutoHotKey.chm [.Compiled Help Module(s)]


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