newfile(.ahk) create + open text files with shortcuts

[download newfile.ahk or file.ahk *] → [ newfolder download newfolder.ahk or folder.ahk * ]

• the 1st shortcut usage creates "New Text Document.txt"
• the second ↑ usage opens the file

you can use the following code @ the end of your script file.
If you use the code @ the beginning, you can't open the APP file via a double click on the tray icon

requierement: an active explorer window ( or extend the code with run + winactivate if else lines)

~ctrl & n:: ; or keySstroke ~ctrl & shift::
send !f
StatusBarGetText, status
IfInString, status, new
send {right}
send t{enter}

* •rightclick  •save target as
clicking the links will show the file preview

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