Tasten Namen

Maus: Lbutton mbutton rbutton xbutton1 xbutton2 (1=back 2=forward)

Funktions Tasten: F1 -- F24

Ziffernblock numpad0 -9 -dot
depending on the default numlock OFF state -enter -sub -add -mult -div

space up bs+backspace space esc tab Ins End Del Home Down Right ScrollLock CapsLock NumLock
lctrl lwin lalt lshift rwin ralt rctrl rshift
PgUp PgDn Down Left Right ScrollLock CapsLock NumLock

PrintScreen CtrlBreak Pause
Break -Since this is synonymous with Pause, use ^CtrlBreak in hotkeys instead of ^Pause or ^Break.

Browser_Back b._Forward .._Refresh .._Stop .._Search .._Favorites .._home
Volume_Mute Volume_Down Volume_Up
Media_Next Media_Prev Media_Stop Media_Play_Pause
Launch_Mail Launch_Media Launch_App1 Launch_App2

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