! clickable shortcuts in toolbars

you can use the widescreen edges for clickable shortcuts in  always on top toolbars.

17" screen:   XP → 121 Symbols -_- >Xp ~ 70 Symbols

img url 11m.de/t.png


The top toolbar features
•The toolbars are located beside the ~ 1200 pxl workspace (or temporary set to autohide)
•The toolbar address allows to access files (.xyz .url) + folders by typing a shortcut or the name (caused by the "append completion" function
• You can dragNdrop folders, files and shortcuts into toolbars ( note: the mentioned 3 kind of symbols are all shortcuts to specific parts on your hard drive )
• you can order the symbols to your needs. If you are using an existing folder, you can hide less important symbols. The hidden symbols you can open by clicking the "»" and typing the starting letter, if there is only one symbol with this starting letter in this toolbar.
•with the toolbar "my computer" you can reach all your x:/ files. (Min. requierement c:\ 20x23pxl see the top right corner.)
• you can resize toolbars  by double clicking or dragging  the dotted  toolbar handle

laptop 16×9    optimizations: hide the file + folder names, the clock + date + the START button 1368 x 768pxl
to the original 1368x768pxl

desktop pc with additional AUTOHIDE toolbars @ the left screen edge  (on top + Auto hide toolbars on one screen edge  are not possible)

shortcutblog.de / widescreen.jpg

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[ installers i.exe ] [ +.exe ¹]  [ +cv64.exe ¹] -_- [ 1.zip = 1.exe ¹ + 1.ahk ] [ uninstall ] .

•  you can assign up to 3 url's/pathes to the ~25 hotkeys, ~11k 2key shortcuts (incl ~130 KEYSstrokes) + the ∞ hotstrings
• the second tab allows to assign multiline T€XT to hotstrings/abbreviations
• you can combine all keyboard  + mouse keys  e.g.   lbutton & rbutton 
• advanced: set up macros @ the end of the "highlight and hit F6.ahk" file
• the app doesn't cause registry changes, so you can use it too on portable devices
move the 2 desktop files and change the target in the "highlight and hit F6.exe.lnk" file  e.g. to X:\highlight....
• you can add more functions to the .ahk file  → o#ptions  → Autohotkey.com/boards
• unicode + idn support
• deactivation: search (WIN + F) for " highlight and hit F6.exe.lnk " and delete the file
• you can open the installers with winrar or open source 7zip

the steps to the GUI ↓ →highlight  an url,  path, file, folder or multiline text →hit F6

 11m.de/gui image by 4rtist.com

on a few keyboards e.g. K120 hp625↓ you can use instead of the double setup an advanced keySstroke setup → default tab 1 & 2 or 2 & 1 [ok]

the app code you can  preview in browser windows 1.ahk

another way with only the downloaded .exe ▼

►the APP code ◄ ▼

appended: 2 additional fuctions ▼

CREDITS to Lexikos  + Chris Mallet = founder of the AutoHotKey.com#_project
You can view his " only TEXT " coding with more ;comments as hotstring helper

Lexikos brought the unicode support to ahk and he is the head of AutoHotKey in the moment
¹ virustotal scan

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