! clickable shortcuts in toolbars

you can use the widescreen edges for clickable shortcuts in  always on top toolbars.
< win 7  and 3×4 screens: Think  about additional auto hide toolbars.

The top toolbar features
• You can dragNdrop folders, files and shortcuts into toolbars ( note: the mentioned 3 kind of symbols are all shortcuts to specific parts on your hard drive )
• you can order the symbols to your needs. If you are using an existing folder, you can hide less important symbols. The hidden symbols you can open by clicking the "»" and typing the starting letter, if there is only one symbol with this starting letter in this toolbar.
•with the toolbar "my computer" you can reach all your x:/ files. (Min. requierement c:\ 20x23pxl see the top right corner.)
• you can resize toolbars  by double clicking or dragging  the dotted  toolbar handle

laptop 16×9    optimizations: hide the file + folder names, the clock + date + the START button 1368 x 768pxl
to the original 1368x768pxl

desktop pc with additional AUTOHIDE toolbars @ the left screen edge  (on top + Auto hide toolbars on one screen edge  are not possible)

shortcutblog.de / widescreen.jpg

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[ AutoHotKey @ wikipedia ] [ compiled menu creator ]

a nice feature from ahk are menus with local + web run entries, appearing next to the cursor.
•With a leading & you can create 1 jumpmark for the menu items &x or x&yz
•the menu will disappear after a click on an item (or beside the menu)
•you can create too a tray menu with additional default entries →reload →edit →+...
1st line: menu,tray,.. Last line: only menu, tray , Show

•with menus you can too trigger very fast actions ¹special key + ² after ~0,5 s the jumpmark
•you can review your shortcuts, faster than the shortCUTr shortcuts in the script source

EDIT item syntax
Run Notepad %A_ScriptFullPath%

How to create your 1st menu with the trigger "mouse left + right key"

• download and click 1mm.de/1.exe
►accept the sample script
• replace the sample code with the following 6 colored code lines

Menu,1,add, &item text , item1


run http://1mm.de/menu

~lbutton & rbutton::menu, 1, Show

• multiply the red + blue line(s) underneath the original line(s)  ( or line 1 + 345)
• modify at least
A) the item text
B) 2x the bold value, named label (item1)
• safe the file with [CTRL] + [s], or better once "safe as" with the option "UTF-8 encoding"
• reload your menu via clicking the 1.exe

menu creator © cooco
menucreator image by 4rtist.com

more screenshots → autohotkey.com/board/topic/85789-menu-creator-easily-build-menus-for-your-scripts

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