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                                          720 character url, the longest with underscores

One of my best installations 720char #anchor address

TA66ing while cycling with lime ( neutralizes the acid rain )
﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ facebook ﴾͡●̯͡●﴿─────██████████════█
view the NOTE features @ -_- installation on top of a fence Oranienburgerstr. Berlin ( between ex squat + the Jewish Synagoge)

closer + bigger pics──────████████████════█

metro.jpg ◄ decorations on sad bikes , the shown 1998 Paris Metro 8 entrance

trailer.jpg = bike + trailer before the Brecht house Berlin

black.jpg   "Black Line" black colored [DB] bike, installed in the height

posterstand Rosenthaler place

 love the imaginary number, bike posterstand Rosenthaler place Berlin=

a sad frame fixed in the height, face to a tramstop

wheel.jpg    tags and installed bucket lids on locked wheels↓
perma url #Berlin #streetart #graffiti by #SeX (by ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ /streetart#+_♥.tk

Guestbook creation "multiline link billboard"

In the shown phase i was to lazy to finish the lines with the e-_-mail smily   →  final photo  -_-
img src
 installed bike on the ''weblink billboard'', a multi line link
Note -_- firefox brakes the lines not so nice  

If you understand the #technique -_- you are able to
 shorten urls with less steps -_- if not ↓

The previous arrangement on this billboard──────█████████═════█