[ installers i.exe ] [ +.exe ¹]  [ +cv64.exe ¹] -_- [ = 1.exe ¹ + 1.ahk ] [ uninstall ] .

•  you can assign up to 3 url's/pathes to the ~25 hotkeys, ~11k 2key shortcuts (incl ~130 KEYSstrokes) + the ∞ hotstrings
• the second tab allows to assign multiline T€XT to hotstrings/abbreviations
• you can combine all keyboard  + mouse keys  e.g.   lbutton & rbutton 
• advanced: set up macros @ the end of the "highlight and hit F6.ahk" file
• the app doesn't cause registry changes, so you can use it too on portable devices
move the 2 desktop files and change the target in the "highlight and hit F6.exe.lnk" file  e.g. to X:\highlight....
• you can add more functions to the .ahk file  → o#ptions  →
• unicode + idn support
• deactivation: search (WIN + F) for " highlight and hit F6.exe.lnk " and delete the file
• you can open the installers with winrar or open source 7zip

the steps to the GUI ↓ →highlight  an url,  path, file, folder or multiline text →hit F6 image by

on a few keyboards e.g. K120 hp625↓ you can use instead of the double setup an advanced keySstroke setup → default tab 1 & 2 or 2 & 1 [ok]

the app code you can  preview in browser windows 1.ahk

another way with only the downloaded .exe ▼

►the APP code ◄ ▼

appended: 2 additional fuctions ▼

CREDITS to Lexikos  + Chris Mallet = founder of the
You can view his " only TEXT " coding with more ;comments as hotstring helper

Lexikos brought the unicode support to ahk and he is the head of AutoHotKey in the moment
¹ virustotal scan

CoronaVirus statS via a [C|V] keySstroke

[+cv.exe ¹]  [ @ webtalk ¹]  [ 64bit.installer ¹] -_-  [ source +cv.ahk ]

based on the +.exe installer (= + 3 multiclipboards)

the source ends with the keySstroke shortcut [C|V]

~c & v::
~v & c::

In the most cases → use the 64bit installer

virustotal scan 2nd dl -_- virustotal scan 3rd dl

+cv.exe + cv64.exe +

keySstroke shortcuts

if your keyboard supports the keySstroke technique, use the way shown in the ↓↓video

advanced setup only 1 line code↓↓ highlight F6 hit your desired key combination modify e.g. 67 to "6 & 7″ [OK]
How to test your keyboard
  →hit from different positions [X|ENTER]  →you should get a column X without blank lines      [X] = the key left to the ENTER key

if your typed column contains blank lines set up 2 shortcuts for the same action(s)  e.g. 6 & 7 + 7 & 6 advanced keySstroke setup i.e.  [6|7]
the app will add the following code to the end of the .ahk file
~6 & 7::
~7 & 6::run

ALTERNATIVE: if blank lines: •set up e.g. 6 & 7 in the 1st tab •press the keys a little more controlled, means, the 6 key a little earlier than 7 #.↓.[1|2]__[T|Y] from ! @SeX#.﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿. on Vimeo.

3 Fb* targets via a [F|g] keySstroke -_- *Facebook, insta, whatsapp

installers [ 32bit  +.exe ¹]  [ +cv64.exe²]

for left handed users is maybee the [d|F] keySstroke the better solution

The actions in the vid:
url doubleclick [F6] click on |multiple targets|  [backspace]
Pasting: Ctrl+V [tab] [tab] ALT+1 [tab] Alt+2 [tab] ALT+3
trigger: [F|g]

not in the video:
Copying: ALT+F1 ALT+F2 ALT+F3 Ctrl+C -_- NOTE:  Ctrl+C @ the end is important if you need 4 strings

The multiple targets tab -_- url →

* -if the 64bit installer doesn't work,( is not a valid win32 app..) you forgot that you installed an unusual 32 bit windows
-ignore the cryptic numbers filename
-preset: [C|V] keySstroke to 2 corona statistic sites
¹+² virustotal=google scan (up to 4 red false positive are ok)

tray icon

w10 + w11 displays the green [H] tray icon only for a short time in the tray.

To make it permanent visible:
¹click the tray menu ▲
²dragNdrop the Icon back to the tray

Windows 7 + XP
To change icon settings:
    show  hide via .reg file

ALL Click on the arrow in the notification area on the taskbar, and click on "Customize"
Underneath the box with all icons there is a checkbox

Only the H icon: Click/tap on the Behaviors drop down arrow menu to the right of the icon select show icon and notification

TEXT + screenshots