3 Fb* targets via a [F|g] keySstroke -_- *Facebook, insta, whatsapp

installers [ 32bit  +.exe ¹]  [ +cv64.exe²]

for left handed users is maybee the [d|F] keySstroke the better solution

The actions in the vid:
url doubleclick [F6] click on |multiple targets|  [backspace]
Pasting: Ctrl+V [tab] [tab] ALT+1 [tab] Alt+2 [tab] ALT+3
trigger: [F|g]

not in the video:
Copying: ALT+F1 ALT+F2 ALT+F3 Ctrl+C -_- NOTE:  Ctrl+C @ the end is important if you need 4 strings

The multiple targets tab -_- url → 11m.de/gui

* -if the 64bit installer doesn't work,( is not a valid win32 app..) you forgot that you installed an unusual 32 bit windows
-ignore the cryptic numbers filename
-preset: [C|V] keySstroke to 2 corona statistic sites
¹+² virustotal=google scan (up to 4 red false positive are ok)

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