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the following 6 AutoHotKey  lines are a fast solution for creating logical keyboard shortcuts.
If you tend to forget shortcuts, menus with jumpmarks are the better solution


send ^c

inputBox @SeX,,,,,99,,,,,~x `& y::run %clipboard%

FileAppend, `n%@SeX%, %A_ScriptFullPath%



►code modification ◄ ▼

►2 URLs◄ ▼

what you get  ¹after highlighting and hiting [F6]  ² rightclick menu ³ tray tooltipimage by @SeX

You can use the 2 files too as a portable app on an external device

The difference to the advanced coding /1
•doesn't detects double shortcuts before writing to the .ahk file, but after the writing
•different [H] tray icon behaviour →" rightclick + edit script "  instead of  → doubleclick

Modification: hotstring triggers for (multiline `n ) text   (also known as abbreviation replacement)
in the 3rd line instead of   "~x `& y::run "
1) ::xy::       trigger:  xy + space
2) :*:xy::      trigger xy
stands for an unique string, special  (+ unicode)  character are possible and recommended

you can use both functions in the same .ahk file, but with 2 initial triggers i.e  F6  +  F7
recommendation.  use the  /1 version for both functions

•download and click 1mm.de/1.exe *
•allow the sample script
•replace the sample code with the 6 lines
•save the code with CTRL + S ( or better in the UTF-8 mode for unicode/IDN support )
•click again the .exe

•highlight a URL, /path\ file,  folder  or comand i.e. calc  explorer  write  regedit +....
•hit F6
•change x & y in the string to a hotkey  i.e. numpad6 ins  or a different key combination  → k#eys
(• keep the 2 whitespaces beside &    • prevent additional whitespaces after ~  and before the  ::)


How to enable  the [cancel],  [X] + [ALT + F4]  function
' if errorlevel '  + ' return ' in 2 new lines underneath the 3rd  ' inputbox  ...  ... ' line
You can close the inputbox too via a double click on the .exe or a shortcut from the .exe

some steps less
1mm.de/highlight and hit F6.zip or  1mm.de/-.zip  *
→unzip →click the .exe  → highlight + F6
another .zip advantage: the .ahk file is saved as UTF-8  for  unicode + IDN  support

* GOOGLE  virustotal scan:  1.exe    -.zip     64.exe
The code displayed in browsers:  -.ahk  -_- s.ahk#_simple_GUI  -_- 1.ahk#_5_input_fields

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