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a nice feature from ahk are menus with local + web  run entries, appearing next to the mouse position

How to create your 1st menu with the trigger "mouse left  + right key"

• download and click
►accept the sample script
• replace the sample code with the following 6 colored code lines

Menu,1,add, &item text , item1



~appskey::menu, 1, Show



•  multiply the red + blue line(s) underneath the original line(s)
•  modify at least
A) the item text
B) 2x the bold value,  named  label  (1st_entry)
• safe the file with [CTRL] + [s], or better  once "safe as" with the option "UTF-8 encoding"
• reload your menu via  clicking the 1.exe

To multiply the menu items faster 1→2 2→4 a.s.o
•copy  the lines except the last
•replace the highlighted 1st "return" line with the copied content


menu creator © cooco
menucreator image by

you can create an Hot character for the menu items or you can assign to an keyboard shortcut

more screenshots →

d.l.: [ Creator.ahk#__©_COCO  + ]

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