in 4 years using the APP one time the script file got demaged.

so i added a backup line who creates always a copy on D:\
FileCopy, %A_ScriptFullPath%, d:\ ,1
you can change the path in the 3rd last line, i.e. to "C:\users\...\Documents"

Another way  to backup your shortcuts is to run both files inside synced dropbox or gdrive folders.
→move the files to
"x:\dropbox\1.exe" "x:\dropbox\1.ahk"

NOTE update the autocreated shortcut in the startup folder ( + on the desktop )

I prefere a different solution
•copying  together with other important?/not so important? files into the dropbox folder •starting and shutdown the dropbox application  after x seconds

~rALT & b:: ; shortcut "right ALT key + B"
FileCopy, x:\t.txt, d:\Dropbox\ ,1  ; x =cardreader drive letter
FileCopy, x:\1.ahk, d:\Dropbox\ ,1 ; ,1 means overright
run c:\program files\Dropbox\bin\Dropbox.exe
sleep 20000   ; =20sec
Process, close, Dropbox.exe

i use 9 filecopy lines in my script
→tested 15 lines → it could be nessesary to increase the sleep time (depends on the files/foders )
Option: FileCopydir, D:\y, x:\Dropbox\y ,1