[ i.exe ]  [ +.exe ]  [ +cv.exe ]  [ +mfg.exe ]  [+cv-mfg+.exe ]

via the above (.sfx*) installers you are able to shorten URLs faster via the r[CTRL] key
The included  macro line   rctrl::send {#}{enter} allows to shorten urls with 3 steps less
¹set the cursor to the end of the desired url  ² hit [rCTRL]

another easy macro → login macro
→highlight your username
→tab |Text|
¹ type an hotstring e.g. l+ or better li+
² username{tab}password{ENTER}

to use the macro
type into the username field  l+ or li+


the easiest way to macros
Download and install the latest Autohotkey installer
In the program folder there is a subfolder Autoscriptwriter. click the exe.
This program saves the recorded actions in a clickable .ahk file, who repeats the recorded actions.
If there are longer delays required  change  sleep, 500 to sleep, 2000  for 2 sec


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