H tray icon  ¹ click the ▲ ² customize ³ tick "always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar"  or set only the app H icon to visible.

Msgbox with the 3rd line invalid shortcut  = missing whitespace before or after &
•click the H tray icon •scroll down to the bottom and delete the invalid shortcut •[CTRL] + [S] •close the message box  •correct your error •[ok]

1st bar ( "one after another Key" shortcuts )
while typing,   a text string  appears or your typed string disappears
reason your desired shortcut or a part of it still exists as a shortcut

try a different shortcut
If you decided to change a character whilst the setup, delete all and type your new shortcut from the beginning for a  "shortcut live monitoring"

2nd bar ("single key or 2 key shortcut")
a messege box appears  "your shortcut does not exist in  your current keyboard layout"
reason caused by  typos lslt  &  x ,  removed whitspaces  x&1 or the & behind a single key  f7 &

FIX click the H tray icon and change the shortcut strings to lalt  &  xx & z or f7 in the 3rd last line.

After the fix reload the script
• click the .exe or the desktop shortcut
only advanced gui  /1 :  open and close the gui     ¹ X    ² [F6]   ³ [ALT] + [F4]


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