LOGICAL shortcuts in address bars

on of the fastest pc actions:
Type a (logical) shortcut into the taskbar address: The addressbar will show immedetaly a shortinfo (saved in a desktop or favorites file name)
With x(xz+..) + [ENTER] or [→]* you can access webpages, files, folders and you can trigger phone calls**

the following flash animation shows the access with shortcuts in firefox

* activate "inline autocomplieting for webadresses" otherwise you must click an entry in the address menu
→ Ie → tools →internetoptions → advanced   [ in XP y.reg ( n.reg ) ]
** →rightclick → shortcut →callto://017775666666 →ok

→rename the shortcut in the form "initials/shortcut real name .lnk***" or "initials/shortcut tel number ***"
*** .lnk is the extension for shortcuts, dont´t care about the extension

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