more code lines

place code snippets after the  base function   (after the sequenced lines "reload" + "return" )

→click the H tray icon  →scroll down to the bottom of the file  →paste in the code
→ctrl + s  →click again the 1.exe file  ( or the  x.ahk file if you prefere more script files )


control additional mouse keys
xbutton1::send ^c ; changes browser_back to copy =left key
xbutton2::send ^v ; changes browser_forward to inset =r. k. ( if the keys are l. and r.)

Maximize/Minimize the active window
NumpadSub::WinMinimize A
NumpadAdd::WinMaximize A

Browser/Explorer Back + Forward possible with one finger!
~b & space::send {browser_back}
~n & space::send {browser_forward}

reload the script with ALT + r  (reloads are only requiered for changes in the script source)

backup/copy the .ahk file  to a local path or a "portable" drive with ALT + b
!b::FileCopy, %A_ScriptFullPath%, c:\ ,1
; 1 means overwrite

Search higlighted text @ google + wikipedia or ore more services
!g::send ^c

adjust the volume with the mouse wheel ( requiers that the cursor is placed on the taskbar)
NOTE : the following code will take off the functionality from later added shortcuts
so you have 3 choises.

1) set up new  shortcuts manually after clicking the H tray icon
2) move new shortcut lines from the bottom of the script up,  above the "Adjust volume" lines
3) create a seperate volume .ahk file
permanetly activated: 1) saved in the StartUp folder 2) a shortcut dragged over [start] [Programs] into the StartUp folder
#If MouseIsOver("ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd")
WheelUp::Send {Volume_Up}
WheelDown::Send {Volume_Down}
MouseIsOver(WinTitle) {
MouseGetPos,,, Win
return WinExist(WinTitle . " ahk_id " . Win)

send notes to a text file ( or collect them in the script file )
~rctrl & rshift:: ; control + shift with one finger
clipboard= ; option resets the clipboard
Send ^c
clipwait 1
FileAppend , `n; %clipboard%, %A_ScriptFullPath%
; or define a path to a text file i.e.  c:\!.txt  `n; =new line + ;
if you collect them in the script file you can access them fast by clicking the H tray icon

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