easiest syntax → .bat

the .bat syntax to 2 or more aims  is the easiest: prog followed by a path or url

by saving a bat file in the XP START menu you can trigger the action(s) with [WIN] + the starting character (works too with a shortcut to the batch file)

The image show 2 other ways to trigger actions with keys ( » + 2 ; 2 +ENTER )


other helpfull .bat functions
restart SHUTDOWN -r -t 01 01 = time
shutdown  SHUTDOWN -s -t 01

backup with a log file

set source="C:\documents"
set destination="D:\Backup\%date%"
set templog="%temp%\temp.log"
echo .>>%windir%\backup.log
echo start backup: %date% %time% von %source% nach %destination%>>%windir%\backup.log
md %Ziel%
xcopy %source% %destination% /m /s /v /c /i /f /h /k /o /x /y>>%windir%\backup.log
echo start confirmation>>%windir%\backup.log
start /w windiff.exe -Sdx %templog% -T %Ziel% %quelle%
find "different" %templog%>>%windir%\backup.log
echo finished>>%windir%\backup.log
start notepad %windir%\backup.log

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