you can move the source file and the renamed AutoHotKey_L.exe to different locations.

The best location: both files in %userprofile%\desktop
1) there is no desktop shortcut required → click the .exe for a reload
2) in the shell:startup * shortcut use as TARGET i.e. %userprofile%\desktop\1.exe

to modify the shortcut to the file(s)
→highlight the shortcut
→[ALT] + [ENTER]
target field PATH from the .exe[SPACE]PATH from the .ahk file i.e. x:\1.exe y:\1.ahk *
Start In leave it empty
→ [OK]

* one Win7 you can't choose C:\


/remove#↓ copied from /remove

the installer is an sfx archive with 4 functions

1) extracts the source file and the AutoHotKey_L.exe to the documents/My Documents folder
2) activates the APP
3) creates an activate/reload shortcut on the desktop
4) creates a shortcut in the StartUp folder

If you don’t like the app , go to shell:startup * and delete the H shortcut
→the other 3 files doesn't do anything after the deletion
→the APP haven’t changed something on your system

* use this syntax in the windows address bar** or in the WIN+r dialog box** Ie, explorer or taskbar address bar

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